This is Your Main Headline... Use This to Grab Your Visitor's Attention

(Make Them Want to Read On)

Use this Subheading for the Most Important Differentiator of Your Product

In this above-the-fold content, the goal is to give your visitors a clear reason to stay and read on. Communicate not only what your product does, but also why it's a better solution than any alternative.

"Use a statement, promise or testimonial to emphasize an important point about your product."

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This is for you if...

When selling a product, telling your visitors who the product is for and who it's NOT for is a very powerful way to get the right people's attention. That's what this section is for.

  • To make best use of this section, don't list features or even benefits of your product or service. What's important here isn't about your product, it's about your visitor.
  • The more you know about your ideal prospect, the more precise you can be in your "this is for you if..." list.
  • Most importantly: don't be afraid of limiting your audience. Don't make vague statements that include everyone. Make statements that clearly address your target market. If no one stops reading and leaves here, the section is pointless.
  • A point you make here could include the elements: who your visitor is, what they do, what they've tried and a problem they still have. E.g. "You're a small business owner and you're aware of security risks, but all the backup solutions you've tried are out of your price range."

Don't Fear the Feature List! Deliver a Wow-Factor With the List in this Section!

A visual element for each feature, some text to explain the benefits plus the sheer number of features make this an effective selling point:

Our retreat centre 

Ostello Palermo, Baia Del Corallo, Sicily

Morning Workshops...

Christina Rebuffet

Focus on Video

Join Christina to discover how to create your own videos for the classroom, learn new ways to make the most of the videos you find online and in your course books, and much more, and a firm grounding in how to add multimedia to your lessons in a fun and pedagogical way.

Steve Hirshhorn

Teach Master Classes

Join Steve for sessions ranging from CLIL to Creativity to Error correction  in the classroom. Each day is different and is designed help you sharpen your skills.

Chuck Sandy

Creative Writing Circles

Join Chuck to develop your own writing and language skills while also learning how to use a Writer's Workshop Approach in your classes Then after the retreat, follow up in a dedicated online community and participate in some online lessons with iTDi.

Theodora Papapanagiotou

The Body Learns

Join Theodora for yoga, stretching, and movement sessions each morning before breakfast. These optional sessions are offered each morning from Friday - Tuesday.

Alexandra Chistyakova

Explorations in Memory

Join Alexandra for an exploration of the role memory plays in language teaching and learning. Each day you’ll focus on a different aspect of memory and gain new insights that will help you both in and out of the classroom.

Philip Pound

Non-Violent Communication

Join Philip to explore the benefits of using Non-Violent Communication in all areas of your life from negotiation, conflict resolution and mediation to dealing with indiscipline in the classroom. Discover the benefits NVC can bring to your personal and professional relationships.


The Body Learns 7:00 - 8:00 AM

If you wish, start your day with an optional yoga session led in English by Theodora Papapanagiotou.

Breakfast in The Cantina 7:00 - 9:30

Breakfast daily is continental style and you’re welcome to come in at whatever time you wish.

Morning Workshops 9:30 - 12:30

Mix up your morning with a different workshop focus each day or go into more depth by signing up for three sessions with the same workshop leader. It’s up to you

Lunch in the Cantina 12:30 - 1:30

Join us daily for a light lunch in the Cantina where you’ll enjoy a selection of local specialties and good conversation with fellow EdYOUfesters.

EdYOUfest Sicily Afternoons

Are yours to enjoy as you wish. Relax by the sea, explore Palermo with fellow EdYOUfesters, or join a group and learn something new. It’s up to you. We’ll provide plenty of ideas and opportunities for you to choose from but maybe you’ll have ideas of your own. It’s all up to you.

EdYOUfest Sicily Evenings

Are all different but each one starts with a community dinner followed by activities designed to encourage collaboration and learning EdYoufest style.

Book your spot on EdYOUfest now!

Places are limited on the event, so book now to avoid disappointment

Double Room

Sharing double room with one other.

Full retreat package includes, lodging, meals, workshops & materials for 4 days + airport transfer

€ 225

Quad Room

Sharing a room with 3 others.

Full retreat package includes, lodging, meals, workshops & materials for 4 days + airport transfer

€ 150

Day Rate (3 days)

Event attendance, no meals or room.

Workshop and event for 4 days. No meals or room included

Enter your text here...

€ 50

Day Rate (One Day)

Event attendance, no meals or room.

Workshop and event for one day. No meals or room included.

Enter your text here...

€ 20


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