Turklish TEFL

Turklish TEFL

Hi, my name is Nick Jaworski and I’m an English Teacher/Teacher Trainer currently residing in Shanghai China (March 2011).  As of January, 2011, the focus of this blog will be teaching children in China.  I’ll explore classroom management, lesson ideas, and general feelings of the state of ELT here.

However, this blog first started out when I was in Turkey, where I had taught for over four years.  Having traveled the country extensively and lived in Ankara, Izmit, and Istanbul, older sections of this blog try to provide some insights into working in Turkey, especially for those who are considering Turkey as their next destination.  I’ve devoted a page to finding a job and working in Turkey.

This blog was started with the intention of creating a site specifically for teachers and students in Turkey.  That has changed due to my new position and the international readership of this blog.

My main goal is to provide teachers with a lot of practical and applicable ideas for their classrooms.  By sharing my ideas and lesson plans I hope to help out teachers in the classroom and encourage other teachers to share their ideas as well.

I invite all educators working in Turkey, China, or abroad to join me on this little venture.  Your comments and feedback will be much appreciated

All works on this blog, unless otherwise attributed, are the sole creation and property of Copyright © 2009 Nick Jaworski .


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Turklish TEFL