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Collocation of the Week

Welcome to Collocation of the Week – a site for advancedstudents of English. Each week I take a common word and look at five collocations of it, one a day. At the end of the week there is a short test where you can see what you have remembered.

Compelling Conversations

What is Compelling Conversations?
Compelling Conversations: Questions and Quotations on Timeless Topics is an engaging conversation textbook for advanced English language learners.

Who can use Compelling Conversations?
Compelling Conversations is an ideal text for conversation classes at community colleges, adult schools, libraries, and intensive English programs. It can also be used as a supplemental text for high intermediate and advanced ESL/EFL classes. Conversation clubs have found the textbook makes their sessions easier to organize and more popular. It’s also a welcome guide for anyone seeking to generate new conversations with family members and friends.

How is Compelling Conversations different from other conversation textbooks?
Compelling Conversations offers a far larger range of topics, includes hundreds of proverbs and quotations, and treats students as sophisticated adults. We believe that adult students come to English class to improve their speaking skills and share life experiences, not be lectured on their health habits or lifestyle choices.

Can you give an example?
Many of our students smoke, gamble, and occasionally dislike their jobs. Compelling Conversationsencourages students to talk about their actual feelings and opinions, and doesn’t judge them.  We ask both “why do you think people find smoking satisfying?” and “What are some of the dangers of smoking cigarettes?” We also include quotations from a range of well-known figures from differing perspectives so a student will find validation for their own personal choices.

Aren’t you afraid to have students talk about controversial subjects?
Why should we just talk about the weather and become bored when we could explore our lives, times, passions, and challenges? Discussing controversial subjects and engaging students in practical issues of their lives also encourages critical thinking.

Why do you use quotations?
The dueling quotations also allow students to join conversations that have continued across cultures and centuries. As a result, students can deepen their conversations, see models of excellent communication, and become more familiar with classic thinkers from ancient world to modern times. Take a look at the sample chapters and see how Compelling Conversations can help students improve their speaking skills.

Can I make copies for myself, other teachers, students or friends?
Photocopying rights are granted to the individual teacher purchasing the materials. A school or department may purchase this book for one teacher’s use. In a department, one original copy should be purchased for each teacher using the book. To be entitled to copy this book, the teacher using the book in the school or the school itself must own an original copy. Please respect our intellectual property (and sweat equity!) and copyright laws.

Education World

Education World is a complete online resource that teachers, administrators and school staff can visit each day to find high-quality and in-depth original content. We update the site daily, offering:

Carefully curated news briefs on topics that matter to educators;
Lesson plans, printables, worksheets and thousands of other classroom-ready resources;
EdTech tips and ideas as well as reviews of apps, websites and tech products; and
A huge library of professional development articles and columns.


ELT Resourceful

Rachael Roberts

Over twenty years ago now I set off on a plane for Cairo to take my CELTA (not that it was called that then) in preparation for a year abroad, teaching English. I quickly discovered how much I enjoyed it and a year in Portugal turned into two years, followed by two years in Brazil. A brief pause back in the UK to do my Masters in ELT and then four years in Poland before I finally came back to the UK.

Over this time I have taught young learners and adults, EAP, General English and ESOL and become a teacher trainer and materials writer. I have been lucky enough to write or co-write a number of coursebooks: IELTS Foundation, Premium B1 level, the new edition of Total English Intermediate and most recently, Real Life Advanced.

Now happily settled in the UK, with a young family, I don’t travel anywhere near as much as I used to, but increasingly find the internet a fantastic way to keep in touch with teachers around the world, on twitter @teflerinhahttps://twitter.com/#!/teflerinha  and giving webinars for Macmillan and Pearson.

I am excited to be starting a new blog on a subject very close to my heart..creating ELT and ESOL materials.

Close to my heart partly because these days I spend most of my time writing materials for publication. I love it and, obviously, I hope as many people as possible will enjoy using my materials too.

However, as a teacher and teacher trainer, I also know that people often want to create their own materials. The idea behind this blog is to share some tips and ideas for making materials which really work well, and which don’t take your entire weekend to put together!

I haven’t written a blog before, but think it’s going to be fun. Hope you enjoy it too.