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I’ve been an English Teacher for almost 20 years now. One might think I have learnt something along the way. Well, I’m not quite sure. I have taught English in Hungary, trained teachers in the Middle East, worked for a publishing company in the UK. I lived in Iraqi Kurdistan for 9 fantastic months. Worked at one of the most exciting airlines in the world in Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates. I taught in a secondary school and mentored a brilliant group of fantastic English teachers in Sharjah, UAE. In 2010 I came back to Hungary with my wonderful wife and my 4-month-old daughter. Since then we have lived in a small town in 34 kms from Budapest.
B’s Life with English

EFL teacher with a mountain of experience and mind wide open. I have been lucky to discover that my passion for technologies blends well with teaching of English.

Barbara’s Blog

Hi! I’m Barbara Hoskins Sakamoto. I’m an English teacher currently living in Kitakyushu, Japan. I’ve taught English as a Second or Foreign Language (ESL/EFL) for a little more than 20 years, and in those years I have taught all ages in many different environments–private language schools, public schools, businesses, community centers, my home, and even a university extension class or two.

Why do I use three names? Well, my married name is Sakamoto, and most of my friends know me as Barb Sakamoto. However, I’m co-author of a children’s English textbook series called Let’s Go, and most of the teachers who use Let’s Go know me as Barbara Hoskins. So, to be safe, I use all three names!

I’m passionate about teaching, especially about teaching English to young learners. I want to learn about anything that will make me a better teacher. These days, that includes learning how to use web 2.o tools and virtual worlds in the classroom and for professional development, learning about new teaching methodologies and techniques, trying to keep up with research about how children learn. Luckily, I have found generous online friends who help me learn. Hence the title of my blog: Teaching Village. I know that I’m a better teacher when I can work with others. I think we all benefit from sharing with each other.

I’m hoping that Teaching Village will help me connect with EFL teachers I’ve met in workshops around the world, and to make new friends, too!


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Free Technology for Teachers

About Me (Richard Byrne):
I am a former high school social studies teacher best known for developing this blog. I taught for eight and a half years at Oxford Hills Comprehensive High School in South Paris, ME. During that time I piloted 1:1 laptop use before the program went school-wide. I coordinated a “laptop squad” to support teachers’ use of laptops in their classrooms. I also served on a number of curriculum and assessment committees.

I have been invited to speak at events all over North America, Europe, Australia, Southeast Asia, and the Middle East. My work is focused on sharing free web-based resources that educators can use to enhance their students’ learning experiences.

I am a five time winner of the Edublogs Award for Best Resource Sharing Blog. I became a Google Certified Teacher in 2009. In 2012 I received a Merlot Classics award from chancellor’s office of California State University. In 2010 I was a finalist for ACTEM’s (Association of Computer Teachers and Educators in Maine) educator of the year award. Tech & Learning Magazine named me one of their “people to watch” in their 100@30 30th Anniversary celebration (

On a daily basis Free Technology for Teachers reaches a subscriber base of more than 60,000 educators. In addition to writing Free Technology for Teachers, I also maintain,, and My printed work includes a monthly column for School Library Journal, contributing author to What School Leaders Need to Know About Digital Technologies and Social Media, and contributions to Teacher Librarian.

I believe that when used correctly, technology has the power to improve student engagement and student achievement. I also believe that technology gives teachers the ability to form powerful, global, professional learning communities.


Silvia Rosenthal Tolisano was born in Germany, raised in Argentina, lived many years in the United States and now is planted in São Paulo, Brazil. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Spanish with a Minor in International Studies and a Masters in Education with an emphasis in Instructional Technology. She has worked as a World Language teacher, Technology Integration Facilitator and 21st Century Learning Specialist. Her passions include globally connected learning, technology integration, 21st Century skills and literacies,  as well as digital storytelling. Silvia Rosenthal Tolisano is available for national and international conference presentations, consultations, and teacher training sessions. She is able to work with you and present in English, Spanish and German. Please visit Globally Connected Learning for sample topics. Silvia is known in the international blogersphere under the name of  “Langwitches”. To learn about her work, subscribe to the Langwitches Blog and follow her on Twitter. She is a Curriculum21 faculty member , a regular contributor on the Tech& Learning Advisor Blog. Silvia is the author of the book Digital Storytelling Tools for Educators and founder of the Around the World with 80 Schools project.

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Lesson Stream

A chef friend of mine once told me the secret to good cooking. According to him, success lies in obtaining excellent ingredients.

It all seems so simple really. And as a language teacher I can relate to this. We can’t overestimate the importance of the ingredients that we select for the classroom – that is the materials.

Materials should inspire teachers and engage students. They should be provoking (without necessarily being provocative although that can be good). They should arouse curiosity and get heads thinking and language emerging. During the last few years, the modern teacher has been given access to an explosion in good ingredients to take into the classroom.

Take Western Spaghetti for example – a great animation by filmmaker PES. During this one and a half minute clip, we watch a series of bizarre household objects – a ball of wool, a Rubik’s cube, a handful of rubber bands – being transformed into a delicious looking plate of spaghetti with tomato sauce.

The clip is everything we would want to get students on our side. But what do we do with it? Well, that is whereLessonstream comes in. Lessonstream is a selection of lesson plans – or rather, recipes – which serve to demonstrate how teachers can make use of such materials.

Of course, good chefs don’t stick rigidly to recipes. They adapt them. And I would never expect a teacher to use one of my lesson plans exactly how I have written it.

For that reason, the site uses a Creative Commons license. That is what the logo in the bottom right hand side of the screen is all about. What this means is that teachers have permission to remix, mash and share the content on my site for non-commercial purposes.

Have fun!

Jamie 🙂
Ozge Karaoglu’s Blog

“A non-native English teacher and a very fast-talker and happy to be!”

Hi and you are reading my, Özge Karaoğlu’s, blog right now…

I am a 30+ year old English teacher, a freelance teacher trainer and educational consultant in teaching young/very young learners + teaching with web based technologies; for international organizations, schools and institutes in Istanbul,Turkey. I am currently working at a private school as the K4 technology specialist and an EFL teacher  and enjoying every minute of it.

I am the content and the project developer of the ‘Smurfs ELT Series’ who are featuring the Smurfs characters to teach English to young learners. The series are in three levels including 18 readers, 18 workbooks, interactive activities, parents guide, posters and teachers’ materials.

I am the writer of ‘Minigon’ ELT book series that includes ten stories, two activity books for the  two different volumes and the parents guide. I have also written the songs and composed two of them.

I am the writer of the ‘My First Digital Journey’ e-book that I have written with Jennifer Verschoor that is published by the Round.

I am the educational coordinator of ’Yes I Speak English‘ DVD series that are designed to give EFL children a jump- start in English. I’m also the script and screenplay writer of these DVD series and we have just completed an activity book that accompanies the DVD series.

I have been doing many projects with my kids. I have led the projects where my kids have created the very first cartoon, very first digital games series and very first i-phone/i-pad application that are drawn, coloured, animated and dubbed by kindergarten children in the world.

I and my colleague Demet Küyük have released our first not free app this year (2014), which features a cute girl that aims at teaching children to learn and practice English. We are developing  more apps at the moment.

I have also worked as an ITDI Associate an edtech blogger on Techlearning.

I’m  the author of this blog where I write about teaching English through technology and web based based tools and applications to help educators to develop themselves. My blog has been ranked in the 50 Best Blogs for Education Leaders, in the Top 50 Education Technology Blogs, in the Top 50 Blog for e-Learning Tools and Tips as well as nominated for  different Edublogs Awards.

You can find me posting on this blog or TechLearning with regular updates.

Read about my awards&nominations here; my projects here and the conferences that I am speaking here.