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EFL Magazine was born out of the idea of bringing truly great content from the best people to English language teachers worldwide, to improve the lives of those teachers and their students.

The aims of EFL Magazine are simple yet ambitious: to be the world’s number one magazine for English language teachers, to improve teachers’ lives by supplying the best content and access to the best people to the reader, and to be an arena for change and innovation in how English is taught in an era of massive change in education.

Change is inevitable. If the system doesn’t work why is it not changed? This is a familiar cry. EFL magazine will answer that question by providing tools to change the educational landscape. We embrace change because we want to do things differently. Education can be used to change lives for the better. We want to change lives, don’t you?

We believe that EFL teachers hope their students will be motivated, love learning and succeed. Teachers can see to it that students don’t fall through the cracks, and instead continue learning and achieve their dreams. We believe the teacher must be the person to make all this happen. A teacher can have a massive impact on the student and the world. Being a teacher is important.

EFL Magazine is a commercial venture, and so we offer products, books and services, as well as hosting advertising. But, we do not offer or support anything that does not offer value, and that we do not truly believe will make you a better teacher. We believe in offering free access to our content, as well as offering many free resources, books courses and webinars. We believe, for all these reasons and more, that you will come to value EFL Magazine as highly as we do.

Finally, we believe in you. We want you to be better, happier and more fulfilled than you can conceive. We believe that by thinking of you, you will reciprocate and help make EFL Magazine something truly extraordinary.

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  • Martin Maher

    Congratulations on the site Philip good luck with your enterprise.

    • Philip Pound

      Cheers Murt

  • Congratulations, Philip! Thank you for bringing this wonderful website of ideas, research, teaching and learning to the world. All the best!

    • Philip Pound

      Thanks Vivien 🙂

  • The articles are of very high level of quality! The discussion threads have been really interesting, too. =)

  • Aigul Janse

    What a great resource: simply-used on a smartphone, well-chosen topics, really valuable tips from the EFL teachers. I can’t stop reading the articles! Thank you Philip! I’ll recommend it to all my colleagues!

  • Philip Pound

    Hi Aigul, Thank you for the feedback. I’m glad you like it and I hope it’s of value to you. Only the best for you 🙂

  • Thanks for this brilliant magazine.There’s certainly need for these kinds of online publications.

    • Philip Pound

      Thanks Volkan. We’re happy you like it.