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August 26th -30th 

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EdYOUfest Sicily : re>treat

Tired of conferences? Or maybe you’re just tired? Retreat by the sea in Sicily with #ELT teachers from around the world at the Ostello Baia Del Corallo in Palermo for four days of explorations, hand-on workshops, idea ignition, community building, & seaside fun. Start with yoga, choose from an array of morning workshops, join afternoon outings (or just hang out on the beach), gather for community meals, share ideas, build teams, create something new, and have fun.

EdYOUfest Sicily : re>connect

There won’t be any plenaries. There won’t be much PowerPoint. No one will be telling you how to do things or how best to connect one idea with another. This is EdYOUfest and it’s all about YOU and all the other YOUs coming together to share ideas and tools and ways forward. There are workshops but these workshops are gatherings of YOUs committed to exploring, connecting and reconnect ideas. The rest of EdYOUfest is lightly structured open space lightly designed for you to engage in.

EdYOUfest Sicily : re>energize

By the end of EdYOUfest you’ll be feeling sad that you have to leave, but you’ll also be feeling re-energized with new skills to build on, new ideas to develop, new projects to take forward, and lots of new friends you’ll want to keep collaborating with on whatever comes next. You might even be feeling so energized that you’ll decide to join us in planning future EdYOUfests in whatever place you come from or are going to be going.

This is just the beginning...

EdYOUfest Sicily : re>thinking value

EdYOUfest, most of all,is about the value of you as an individual. It's about seeing your inherent worth as an educator and enabling you to see it in others. EdYOUfest is not here with an agenda of telling you what should be done and how to do it. We're not here to persuade you to any maxim or worldview. We don't exist to sustain any orthodoxy. We want you to contribute; you to take part. EdYOUfest is for you and by you. EdYOUfest is not about receiving information, It's about making a real change in your professional and personal life. When you invest your time, effort and money in coming to EdYOUfest you will realise a great return. How can anyone put a price on achieving more happiness, a greater measure of self-worth and a keener sense of purpose. In return for your efforts, we guarantee that EdYOUfest will always be affordable.

But how can you afford not to come?

OUR workshops...

Christina Rebuffet

Focus on Video

Christina will show you how to create your own videos for the classroom and learn new ways to make the most of the videos you find online and in your course books. You’ll also get a firm grounding in how to add multimedia to your lessons in a fun and pedagogical way.

"Film like a pro"

Steve Hirschhorn

Sharpen your Skills

Steve will host your sessions on CLIL, creativity, and error correction in the classroom. Each day is different and is designed to help  you sharpen your skills.

"Teach like a master"

Chuck Sandy

Creative Writing Circles

 Chuck will help you to develop your own writing and language skills while also learning how to use a Writer's Workshop Approach in your classes Then after the retreat, follow up in a dedicated online community and participate in some online lessons with iTDi.

"Write like a writer"

Theodora Papapanagiotou

The Body Learns

Join Theodora for yoga, stretching, and movement sessions each morning before breakfast. These optional sessions are offered each morning from Friday - Tuesday.

"Energy within and energy without"

Alexandra Chistyakova

Explorations in Memory

With Alexandra you will explore the role memory plays in language teaching and learning. Each day you’ll focus on a different aspect of memory and gain new insights that will help you both in and out of the classroom.

"Memory, more indelible than ink"

Philip Pound

Non-Violent Communication

With Philip you will explore the benefits of using Non-Violent Communication in all areas of your life from negotiation, conflict resolution and mediation to dealing with indiscipline in the classroom. Discover the benefits NVC can bring to your personal and professional relationships.

"Communicate with compassion"

Barbi Bujtas

A Maker Space for Teachers

With Barbi you will discover ways to create teaching materials out of the world around you. With Barbi you’ll build materials out of thin air, the things you have around your house, stuff you might find on a morning walk, sounds, smells, an iPad, some apps, and maybe balloons.

"The world is your maker's space"

Julie Pratten

Zero-Resource Classroom

You may have to teach in a car park, squat or bombed out building. Take up the challenge and bring your 21st century self back to basics. Unleash you creativity and open your heart and mind. "Every day is different..

​... every day matters"

Special Rates*for Teachers from Italy

Full Retreat prices at 50 % off the usual price for teachers from Italy

*Thanks to a generous grant from KKCL 

Day Rate

Reserve and Prepay with PayPal or Credit Card

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Four days access to workshops, evening events, coffee breaks & rucksack

25 available

Any one day

Morning workshops & evening events only      

30 available

Reserve and Pay Later On Site*

Payment may be made onsite but you must still reserve your place.  *only cash payments accepted on site.

To reserve and pay onsite, email us at:

What people have been saying...

   "At last, something different!" - Chaouki, Tunisia

"What we've been waiting for" - Ekaterina, Belarus 

"Stunning location, brilliant idea"- Micaela,Italy

"I'm so excited about this" - Roberta, Malta

OUR daily timetable...

The Body Learns





7:00 -

8:00 AM

7:00 - 9:30 

9:30 -


12:30 -



If you wish, start your day

with an optional yoga session led in English by Theodora Papapanagiotou.

Breakfast daily is continental style and you’re welcome to come in at whatever time you wish.

Mix up your morning with a different workshop focus each day or go into more depth by signing up for three sessions with the same workshop leader. It’s up to you

Join us daily for a light lunch in the Cantina where you’ll enjoy a selection of local specialties

and good chat with fellow EdYOUfesters.

Afternoons are yours to enjoy as you wish. Relax by the sea, explore Palermo with fellow EdYOUfesters, or join a group and learn something new. It’s up to you. We’ll provide plenty of ideas and opportunities for you to choose from but maybe you’ll have ideas of your own. It’s all up to you.

EdYOUfest Sicily Evenings

Friday Evening, 26th

Welcome Dinner & Group Building Activities

Meet the workshop leaders and your fellow participants over dinner. Then get to know each other even more as we do some fun activities together.

Saturday Evening, 27th

EdYOUfest Idea Incubator

Each participant gets 5 minutes to share an idea, a teaching tip, an app they like, a website they enjoy, a project they’re working on or would like to work on, a question they have, or something they do in the classroom which works. Then as a group we’ll choose some ideas to follow-up on, break into teams, and get to work sharing and developing ideas.

Sunday Evening, 28th

EdYOUfest Project Night

After dinner we’ll break into teams and work together on a project. Choose from several project ideas and then spend the evening working with your teammates to create a video, build an app, stage a theatrical production, dig deep into research, explore a teaching question in depth, or ….

Monday Evening, 29th

Gala Dinner & Project Showcase

On our final evening together we’ll share a gala dinner, enjoy presentations from KKCL and TLA, and then later each team will have  the chance to showcase the work they did on Project Night.

OUR retreat centre...

Ostello Palermo, Baia Del Corallo, Sicily

Full retreat prices include...

  • All meals from dinner on Aug 26th to breakfast on August 30th
  • Transfer by car from Palermo Airport
  • Workshop and materials
  • A goodie bag
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