EdYOUfest “Exploring the Joy of Teaching”

EdYOUfest "Exploring the Joy of Teaching"

By Philip Pound

August 19th – 24th saw the 4th annual EdYOUfest. In case you don’t know,EdYOUfest is a workshop-based ELT event with a strong emphasis on being open, friendly, and practical. The theme of this year’s event was “Exploring the joy of teaching”

Previous EdYOUfests were held in Genoa, Sicily, and Paris. This year, our gracious hosts were Mark Greenow and his team at Millfield School, Street, Somerset, UK.

This year at EdYOUfest we had 70 attendees and 10 presenters. We were delighted to have plenaries from Tim Bowen, Ken Patterson, and Susanne Lewis. Tim’s talk was called “What on Earth is Happening to English”. The title of Ken’s plenary was “Spoken Grammar: Defining It and Teaching It”. Finally, Susanne delighted us with a presentation: “Turn Your Students into Storytellers”.

The event was held over 4 days, with attendees staying on-site, and included a day trip to Wells and Glastonbury.

EdYOUfest "Exploring the Joy of Teaching"

The presenters were, in alphabetical order:

Lisa Albano “TV Games and Quizzes”

Jim Baker “Student Engagement in the E-Learning Environment”

Lobna Ben Nasr “Songs in the Class”

Meriam Boulila ” Accuracy and Fluency”

Tim Bowen “Teaching Pronunciation”

Sharyn Collins “Why Charisma”?

Steve Hirschhorn “Cuisenaire Rods”

Valentina Holubeva “How to Make an English Club Work”

Susanne Lewis “Put on the Spot”

Rachel Paling “Neurolanguage Coaching”

Ken Patterson “Grammar in the Classroom”

Kate Smook “Challenging the Challenge of Teenagers”

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Here’s Steve Hirschhorn’s Workshop “Cuisenaire Rods in the ELT Classroom”

We had attendees from many countries across the world, with Tunisia and Belarus being especially well represented.

The EdYOUfest team of Giovanni Rottura, Philip Pound, and Steve Hirschhorn were there along with Sharyn Collins, the editor of EFL Magazine.

The event was sponsored by

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