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The Freelance Teacher
Why Is It So Hard To Achieve a Decent Fee or Lesson Rate?
Hi! Welcome to this special corner of  EFL Magazine where you’ll find answers on how to raise your freelance teaching business into a financially secured career. If you’re looking for advice from a sympathetic freelance teaching colleague on how to attract new students (and perhaps more importantly why you don’t), write to Janine Bray-Mueller, a marketing enthusiast.

For the first edition of the EFL Magazine, here is how marketing relates to this question:

Why is it so hard to achieve a decent fee or lesson rate?
The Market Value of a Teacher’s Work on the Global Market Place
It is hard to set your fees higher when everyone else prices theirs at a low level, especially when you’re new to teaching. It feels arrogant to suggest your services are worth more than a teacher who has been teaching longer than 10 years.

It’s a small part of a problem that plagues most teachers — the value of teacher’s work on the global market place.

We have the potential to create life-changing transformations for students on many levels.

This can be intellectual, financial, personal recognition or satisfaction, just to name a few. But most teachers often have an attitude that their work is SO important, it should be made available to EVERYONE. Consequently, the trend is to under-price rather than accept a reality-based price for lessons and seminars that has to be and should be charged. As a result, pricing slips into an almost unconscious ‘price-fixing’ rule within our teaching community that in turn feeds insecurity and fears of survival. Can I pay the rent? Put food on the table?

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