Homophones, Homonyms & Homographs

Reference & Resources

E Reading Worksheets
Homophones & homonyms PDF
Mrs Laufs
Homonyms & homophones
Alan Cooper
Homonym list


English for Everyone
Homonyms, homographs & homophones exercise
ESL Lounge
Homophones Exercise
Answer Sheet
Homophones Worksheet 2
Answer Sheet
Homophones Worksheet 3
Answer Sheet
Find The Homophones Exercise
Answer Sheet
Auto English
Homophones Exercise
Homonyms Exercise
A collection of 10 homonym and homophone worksheets
Teacher Vision
Homophones – rules to remember worksheet
E Reading Worksheets
Homonyms & homographs worksheet 1
Homonyms & homographs worksheet 2
Homophone worksheet
Homograph worksheet
Homograph worksheet & other activities
Homophone worksheet
Primary Resources Worksheets
Homophone activity

Games, Activities & Audio

LEO Network
English homophones soundfiles
English Club
Fun homophones activities
EFL Sensei
Homophones List
Homophones Game from EFL Sensei
Telling Jokes With Homonyms from EFL Sensei
Homonym baseball game
ESL Lounge
Homophone Card Game.




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