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Collocations: fact
Collocations: expectation
Collocations: hit
Collocations: settle
Collocations: offset
Collocations: dense
Collocations: deadline
Collocations: cast
Collocations: slight
Collocations: grievance
Collocations: peace
Collocations: fragile
Collocations: grasp.
Collocations: fit
Collocations: dilemma
Collocations: play
Collocations: place
Collocations: fuss
Collocations: flaw
Collocations: enhance
Collocations: mistake
Collocations: win/earn/gain.
Collocations: bear
Collocations: fruitful/fruitless
Collocations: return
Collocations: favour
Collocations: set
Collocations: withdraw
Collocations: tough
Collocations: fundamental/fundamentals
Collocations: break
Collocations: avoid and evade
Collocations: climate
Collocations: run
Collocations: glory
Collocations: acquire
Collocations: gesture
Collocations: embargo
Collocations: firm
Collocations: drinking
Collocations: raise
Collocations: bring
Collocations: deadly, lethal, fatal
Collocations: heavy
Collocations: launch
Collocations: eye
Collocations: cynical
Collocations: throw
Collocations: stress
Collocations: footing
Collocations: discrepancy
Collocations: tours, tourists and tourism
Collocations: cause
Collocations: goal
Collocations: damage
Collocations: grudge
Collocations: optimism
Collocations: secret
Collocations: coughs and colds
Collocations: flurry
Collocations: clear
Collocations: gain
Collocations: keep
Collocations: fighting
Collocations: petty
Collocations: draw
Collocations: factor
Collocations: guilt/guilty
Collocations: frank
Collocations: flood
Collocations: lose
Collocations: grip
Collocations: energy
Collocations: thorough
Collocations: fog
Collocations: pull
Collocations: strike
Collocations: frantic
Collocations: catch
Collocations: intense
English Grammar
Colllocations with heavy
Prepositions in collocations
Preposition collocations with nouns & verbs
Collocations with ing forms



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Noun Collocations 1   Answer Sheet
Noun Collocations 2   Answer Sheet
Noun Collocations 3   Answer Sheet
Noun Collocations 4   Answer Sheet
Verb Collocations 1   Answer Sheet
Verb Collocations 2   Answer Sheet
Verb Collocations 3   Answer Sheet
Verb Collocations 4   Answer Sheet
BBC Learning English
Common collocations worksheet
Developing Teachers
Introduction to collocations lesson plan
Verb + noun collocations lesson plan
ESL Flow
Design, develop, manufacture collocations
Collocations for discussing language use
Advanced collocations worksheet
Business collocations worksheet
Cambridge English
English collocations exercises
Contrastive exercises for teaching collocations 
Handouts Online
Crime & punishment with collocations
IH Bristol
Adverb – adjective collocation gapfill
Collocations exercise
English Online
School collocations worksheet
ELT Base
Book Collocations
Using English
Email vocabulary & collocations
Say It
Word combination workbook
English Club
Business collocation worksheet

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Using English
Sports & Hobbies collocation pellmanism

English collocation graphs for teaching

British Council
Noun/noun collocations
Phrasal verb collocation matching











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