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Editorial Submissions:

EFL Magazine welcomes editorial submissions for articles.

Please email : editor@eflmagazine.com

Audience Profile:

Please remember you are writing to an audience whose background is varied and may not be up to date on the latest acronyms, buzzwords and trends, but is engaged, curious and eager to learn.

The reader is likely a business owner, DOS, teacher, teaching assistant, college lecturer, publisher, student, writer, and author   They are coming to EFL Magazine to learn, to have access to the best knowledge and the best people.

Article length:

We suggest articles be at least 800 words in length (just under two pages in Word) 1,200 for two pages and 2,000 for 3. If your articles contain a lot of images, you can reduce the word count.

Use short sentences: Many online readers skim articles.

Add lots of subheads: Break your sections using bolded Subheads. Try to get creative, as subheads invite readers to read your content.

Highlight key text:

Please bold, or italicise key points you are trying to make. Feel free to mix the use as needed.

  • Also, use bullets when you can. Link to as many sources as possible: When you can, include a hotlink for any name, company, or quote so the reader can discover more.

Whenever possible, try to cross-reference at least one prior post on EFL Magazine.

Try to quote people:

Expert quotes always add to your work. You can source these from blogs, books etc.


Please include at least one (ideally two) screenshots/pictures/graphs per article. Try to avoid clip art. Please try not to exceed 480 pixels wide for larger pictures and at least 280 pixels for smaller ones. If you do not know how to resize images, no problem—we’ll do it. Please also send over images separately so we can upload them to our server. For video, please include a link to YouTube, Vimeo etc that can be embedded in the content.Alternatively, please send a file via DropBox or similar program.


End your article with engaging questions or an action request: To encourage discussion, always conclude your article with a question, such as ‘What are your thoughts?,’ ‘What’s your experience?’; or an action request, such as, ‘Please enter your comments in the box below.’ This guide contains details and pointers that help writers create engaging content.


Remember to enclose an 80-word bio, written in the 3rd person, with a profile picture.